Friday, February 12, 2016

StitchFix February 2016 #7

StitchFix Time!!!
I love stitchfix box! this is defiantly my favorite subscribe box!!!
I requested this month "Solid Color Scarf"
thats it. I don't say color or material... hopefully my stylist send me a scarf!

anyway here is my box look like...

Hmmmmm I hope not very bottom knit thing is the scarf.....
lets put out from box!!!

Berneen Dolman Knit Top

Navy / $58.00 

my invoice said "NAVY" but it looks like wine color lol
maybe the base color is navy.

when I put out this top...
I thought Dolman top again...

well I don't think not bad! but do I love it? Nope. I don't need another dolman top so this top gonna be Return

Belina V-Neck Pullover Sweater 

light Blue / $58.00

V-neck sweater. glad its not scarf lol
anyway I love V-neck tops

I don't think its good on me!
it make me more wider looking and crazy busty and show up round my tummy lol

oh this sweater is pretty good quality sweater! every stripe matching. which is awesome!
but this is not for me so it going to back...

Dean Skinny Jean

Black / $78.00

Oh I forgot about it!!!
last month's box I got navy color skinny jeans and I return then I left comment If the color is black I defiantly keep!
the stylist sew that comment and she send this skinny jeans. How Nice!!!

I wore abobe pics.
this jeans is amazingly comfortable!!!
I did try on and I forgot to wear it I did fall sleep with it lol
I love it!
but only I don't like it have some zipper on my ankle side... If I were with boots the zipper gonna bugging me for sure...
what should I do! Keep or not????
oh no its really hard to think about it...
return this jean

Prescott Fringe Edge Scarf

Blue / $32.00

it said blue but it can see purplish navy???

Yes! this scarf sooooooo soft.
love it! and its long enough my neck :-)

I am not fringe fun but the fringe is not crazy so I can handle with it lol this scarf gonna be heat up my body :-) yes I keep this!
I did retune it

Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress

Off White / $68.00

I don't need a dress. I am jeans person!

I change my mind crazy quickly lol

this dress is sooooo flattering! Oh my gosh its so cute! I have broad shoulders so I thought this kind of shoulder design sleeves are not good on me.....
Ohhhhh I think I was wrong or 3/4 sleeves helping look great? every stripes matching. my body shape good on flair or A-line skirt or dress. so Its perfect for me!!!
Yes Yes Yes Yes! I going to keep this dress!!!

Christina styling out this box
every month I requesting keeping her and it works! :D


It was very fun box!
the dress make a star! I didn't know I do able to wear like that sleeves!
this is totally NEW ME!
in person I don't chose this dress. but thank you StitchFix & Christina!
still I thinking about black jeans though....
maybe that mean is not right jeans? hmmmmmmmm

Oh I gonna wear this dress for valentine's dinner out :-) can't wait!

after Decide
I thought I going to keep "Scarf" but I found almost same color and same style of the scarf in my closet. I totally for got about it. that mean is I don't use this color so much. so I going to send back "scarf"

black jean
Why I can't decide keep or not?
because of the zipper.
If I wear with boots the zipper make super uncomfortable and make my ankle hurts.
I live pretty loooong winter states so I wearing boots almost 10month lol
so pretty big deal for me. so I going to send back this jean also.

so I keep only the dress!
but I really enjoying my box!

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