Sunday, December 27, 2015

ipsy Glam Bag December 2015 #5

Got a ipsy Glam Bag! woo woo :-)
this month's pouch is cute! but same time cheapy lol
okay here is my inside glam bag

Thursday, December 24, 2015

StitchFix December(2) 2015 #5

Yes Stitch Fix AGAIN!
I changed schedule 2 or 3 weeks now.
so I got second stitch Fix Box this month! yes!!!

peek peek :-)
Grey!!! yes! Yes YES!!!
and jeans and T-shirts, is it scarf?
okay let me open StitchFix!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dia&Co December 15 #4 "start thinking break up"

Today I got Dia&Co Box
every time I open box I do excite and worry about are they listening my request?
okay this month I requested "Military Casual" and I pined

basically military green color with some accent color.
okay now I gonna open the box!!!

I don't see any olive green or military camo...
and I can see my HATE TYPE SWEATER sigh...

I wondering and I want ask to my blog follower!
Do you know what style I do like???
every single time I saying "EDGY" "CASUAL" and If you seeing my pinterest I don't looking for any girly sh%t!!!
here is my box

BoxyCharm December 2015 #4

I totally forgot this box coming till my husband hand to me lol
the Box is BoxyCharm!

here is peeking shot for you :-)
the tube things back package so I don't know what are they? lol
this month's theme is "POP FIZZ CLINK"
and too brown lips product... hmmmm I don't know about those... let me see...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

BirchBox December 2015 #4

I got BirchBox Today!
I didn't peek this month so I wondering what I get???!!!

sorry about my lightning.
I couldn't take picture in daylight today :-(

Okay this is I got!
Hmmmmmm It seems like nothing love it from box...
okay I gonna take out from box...

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hamptons Lane "Tarts & Pie" November 2015 #1

Do you like cooking???
I do like cooking & eating lol
and I love to buying new kitchen tools also!

I found cool new subscription service.

Hamptons Lane

every month they change the theme and before you get the box
you can see the box than you can decide you want the box or not.
If you don't want it you can skip or swap to other box!

pretty cool!!!

Oh $47/month

its pricy but everything I need to bake tarts and pies!

I ordered Hamotons Lane, I know I gonna get but still exciting to open the box!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Outfit Of The Day (Dia&Co)

Few days ago I did post about
"Dia&Co November 2015 Box #3 new stylist!"
and after I saw the comment from allthingsheart I decided I DO KEEP THIS GIRL!
thank you allthingsheart! feel like I have friend somewhere faraway from here! that feeling was awesome!

anyway, I living pretty cold weather area.
its 30F - 21F around today lol yes pretty chill here lol
I grew up tropical island so I need keep warm! but you know what???
I live here 1 year I already get use to this weather lol
probably I can't go back my home in summer Tooooooo Hot! I gonna melt lol

anyway, I will show you Today's Outfit with the

MotorCycle Jacket $124

here is my look
How do I look :-)

Yes I still searching pockets!!!
especially here weather is cold so I want put my hands warm lol


Jacket from Dia & Co

hoodie Jacket from eddie bauer

Knit Tee (black) from Ann Taylor

Jeans from ahhhhh I don't remember lol

Boots from Torrid

I put my red lipstick on :-)

this is my look today :-)
Yes I do lots of layer! well have to here lol
end of this month this outfit + Downcoat and changing boots!
it sounds crazy right??? but still not warm enough lol

but I can't enjoy like this outfit in my hometown remember too hot there
If I wearing boots whole body start sweat like a water fall lol

allthingsheart  thank you again :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

StitchFix Box December 2015 #4

StitchFix Time!!!
Yes my favorite subscription box just arrived!

this month's stylist is Christina again!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I really like she styling my box!

I requested

I bought 3 pair boots (I did pins 3 of them so she knows what I bought) 
so I want something look good with it. 
like mini length sweater dress with leggings.
also wanna have a black skinny jeans.

and StitchFix send me...