Monday, December 21, 2015

BoxyCharm December 2015 #4

I totally forgot this box coming till my husband hand to me lol
the Box is BoxyCharm!

here is peeking shot for you :-)
the tube things back package so I don't know what are they? lol
this month's theme is "POP FIZZ CLINK"
and too brown lips product... hmmmm I don't know about those... let me see...

Full Size $12

I am pretty dry skin person so I don't use aburatorigami so much. after applied foundation and use this paper then I put face powder it works great. 
and I use after applied lipsticks on.

If you're oily skin type person this paper make your make up more easier I think.

bellapierre waterproof gel lip liner
Full Size $17.99

I think this lip liner is too brown!!!
never gonna pick up this color in person. but actually its pretty good on my skin tone lol
I didn't know I can wear like this color on me! that's why I like this subscription I can find new me!

Ofra long lastion liquid lipstick
Full Size $19.90

again. I never gonna picked up this color! its very brown lip color! but when I applied on my lips its SOOOOOO SHIC!!! its like mature charm color! I love it! but Its little dry feeling...

jelly pong pong all over glow
Full Size $15.95

what is this???
that I thought till I read the package lol
this is oil-free gel highlighter 
it looks like pink gold color its so lovely shiny pigment! smell is like little coconut and vanilla to me but the card said "Jasmine" Hmmmmm jasmine I don't know about it lol

only little bead dot amount you need so this tube can you very long time!

nelson J argan oil 7 moisture healing mask
Full Size $23

I Love hair mask!
I do coloring so my hair pretty bad shape, I can live without hair mask right now lol
I try smell this but it dose sheeting under cap. so I couldn't smell of this product and I just start different hair mask so I don't want open now.
I can't wait to use this product!

NCLA so rich cuticle oil
Full Size $18

this cuticle oil not sticky and smells like a almond :-D this cuticle oil actually not using brush just need drop on your cuticle area or hand. this is really good!
don't need touch to applied so you don't worry about any bacterias ;-)

I using after shower, before going to sleep and after work. its not sticky oil so I really like it!

good for keep on my desk lol


I got 6 items this month.
merry christmas for me hehehe
when I open the box I thought the brown lip liner and lipstick were down moment but after I try these product I really liked it! so this month's Boxy Charm is win box!

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