Monday, December 21, 2015

Dia&Co December 15 #4 "start thinking break up"

Today I got Dia&Co Box
every time I open box I do excite and worry about are they listening my request?
okay this month I requested "Military Casual" and I pined

basically military green color with some accent color.
okay now I gonna open the box!!!

I don't see any olive green or military camo...
and I can see my HATE TYPE SWEATER sigh...

I wondering and I want ask to my blog follower!
Do you know what style I do like???
every single time I saying "EDGY" "CASUAL" and If you seeing my pinterest I don't looking for any girly sh%t!!!
here is my box

Lace Detailed Top
Grey / 0x

yea I love grey and Black also I like this length sleeve, also I like lace! but I hate the collar! if it dosent have this collar I might buy this top but this collar make this shirt girly! I really not that kinda person lol
its cute! but I don't want cute outfit right now.
and bottom lace is very delicate looking defiantly have to hand wash and lay dry.
no no no defiantly not me lol I want just throw machine and wash it lol

Liz Claiborne
Sweater with Bead Detail 
Black / XL

Can't believe my stylist sent me this outfit lol
first impression is "SOOOOOOOO GRANDMA!!!"
well I don't like at all but I gonna try anyway...
and try it on I hate more lol
can you see my shoulder area???
I don't know why its puffing there lol
and its so uncomfortable!
might this sweater is cute on someone but not me!
its not my style at all its not fits right anyway

Tie-waist Dress 
Navy / 14 W

when I pulled out this outfit I was hoping not dress. especially not waist tie dress. I pretty sure I told them few month ago "I DO NOT LIKE TIED UNDERCHEST" well this is not under chest but I am apple shape body I don't have waist anyway when I tied most BIG AREA of mine just make me HUGE! this dress sooooooooooooo thin to wear right now. okay I gonna show you How thin fabric and my outside view. yea I can not wear! this is here's summer dress lol my stylist said wearing this dress with black boots. aghhhhh nope I gonna get cold injury lol well If its thick enough still I don't perch this dress. I don't like it! this is not my type of dress and I don't think its good on me at all! sigh...
fashion to figure
Plaid sweater
red / 1x
I love plaid and I love red and black but not this red and plaid :-s this is kind of brownish red stripe sweater I not gonna call plaid. I like sleeve length but front length little short for me. It can show my fat pooch :-(( I don't like it. I think picture came good but in person this sweater not good on me. well I don't like this kind of knit sweater. If I want wear color I want more POP color.  this sweater's price is pretty cheap! but I don't think its not for me.
hahaha my cute doggy though I gave her order so she sat and looked up me hehehe cutie :-)
Fashion to Figure
Skinny w Leather Detail
Black / 14
unfortunately its too small for me.
but something edgy style in box. legs are okay just my big tummy can't fit this jeans lol its not stretch skinny jeans so pretty tight lol well you can see all my stomach pushing up lol
anyway I showed to my husband he dosent like it at all. its like kids wearing old clothes that he said lol I thought I gonna keep and exchange size... but I guess every time I wear this jeans He gonna said like this its kinda annoying lol so I really really think about it.


First I showed you my pinterest and my request I can not find bit of it.
comm'on! Did&Co why I have personal stylist then!
I really really think about breaking out with Dia & Co
I really think they only care about youtubers. (thats I feel every single time open the box!)
I waisting another $20 to Dia & CO box.
pretty sad about it.

guys what you think about my box? your Dia&Co stylist follow your requests? do you feel your stylist watching your pinterest???

every month I do update my pinterest...
spending a lot my free time to build up. but If they not see it Whats da point???
I really hoping and wishing Dia&Co send me Wow Box every time...
I can't think about keep continue or step out...
give them few more chance? I am not sure ...

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