Wednesday, December 2, 2015

StitchFix Box December 2015 #4

StitchFix Time!!!
Yes my favorite subscription box just arrived!

this month's stylist is Christina again!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I really like she styling my box!

I requested

I bought 3 pair boots (I did pins 3 of them so she knows what I bought) 
so I want something look good with it. 
like mini length sweater dress with leggings.
also wanna have a black skinny jeans.

and StitchFix send me...


Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse


Ohhhhhhh Nooooooo
this type blouse never work for me...
and this blouse looks sooooooo small and no stretch.
Hmmmmm I don't think it gonna work...


Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf


I like plaid!
but this color is not pop enough...
but good for xmas!


Zimirie Dress


this dress is soooooooooooo adorable!
its just so cute! Love it!!!
hopefully its fit on me perfect!!!


Kiley Ankle Zip Legging


yap... its simple legging....
Oh maybe not! it have side gold zip :-)
its pretty pricy for this legging...
How fit goes...

JUST BLACK #7493-777

Connely Skinny Jean 


Yes!!! skinny Jean!
I am looking for black skinny jean loooooong time!
I requested also!
glad came 

Okay Now Im Try them on!!!

aghhhhhh green blouse is super super uncomfortable.
its sooooo small my chest area... button gonna pop out soon! that's I feel like lol

I tried it on unbutton... still feel too small.
Well I knew it not gonna work anyway.
I am not fun of this style so automatically it goes back!

I wore green blouse with skinny jean.

the skinny jean is size 14P
but it pretty stretchy so I can wear it...
but yaaaaaa I think still little tight.
I have issue of pants...
thats why I am looking for long time...

my body is so weird big berry and small butt and huge thigh so most pants are goes like Y or T line like this... 
this jeans does same... thats why I don't wear pants with short length top.

I asked to my husband what he think...
he said not bad at all! its making cute butt lol

If I passed this skinny jeans are they gonna send me different brand's skinny jeans???
I really want have black skinny jean....
Hmmmmmm I think I gonna pass this skinny jeans also.

plaid scarf! (with the black skinny jeans)
this scarf is soo soo sooooooo soft and BIG!
which is love it!
but If I want add color I want more pop!
its too dark for me...

its making very warm...
but color!

aghhhhhhh $44
okay. If I pay $44 for scarf I want right color for me!
so I will return for this scarf also!

Last try on...


Dress hates me :'-(
I really really like this dress!!!
Its so small maybe I need 2 more size up...
that small...
I was shocked...
soon lovely dress goes back stitchfix :-(

I wore with leggings.
this leggings so so so comfortable!
I bought legging from stitchFix #2  so I thought I not gonna buy this one... but I showed to my husband he loves it! lol
so I change  my mind so quickly lol
this leggings going to be mine!

I really enjoyed #4 StitchFix Box
unfortunately I keep only one item but If fits me right I want to keep it!
do you have something you like???

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