Monday, January 11, 2016

Dia&Co January 2016 #5

Dia&Co time!
I literally struggle with Dia&Co

I didn't change requests since November.
because of I don't get anything I want. even not close!
last 2 months I had "Megan" which is popular stylist of Dia&Co
but still I send back all! isn't it crazy?

of course they changed my stylist this month.
her name is Tori

"In this month's box I'm sending you bootcut jeans to go with this flowy printed top and a pair of boots. You can also wear this vest over the outfit to complete it. This striped black and white dress is great for work or play! The studded dress reminded me of the military style you're looking for as well. Enjoy my picks this month and have a happy new year! Share your style with us @diaandco"

are you sure???
you want me share this outfit???
I think Dia&Co have worth stylists.

anyway here is my January box.

Levi's - Curvy Bootcut Jeans - $54.50

Dark Wash, 16W

It looks big.
I already know this jeans not work for me.

BB Dakota - Patterned Peasant Blouse - $84.00

Red/Multi, 1X

this blouse is $84
when I pull it out I said thats grandma!
and this price? Noway to keep it

BB Dakota - Faux Leather Shearling Vest - $95.00

Black, 1X

Crazy ugly.
hmmmm If inside boa is white I could wear it?
but this is grey!!!
this grey boa is looks very dirty...

Modamix - Side Studded Black Dress - $129.00

Jet Black, 16W

is this military looks for you?
well I don't.
its look edgy which is I like it but this rectangle shape dress is not gonna work my body shape.

and pretty thin fabric.

$129 not gonna help...

Taylor - Stripe Ponte Fit-n-flare - $118.00

Black and White, 16W

this is my favorite in January box.
but I don't wear dress at work.
If I do office job I would buy! this is pretty nice thick fabric no sheer so I can wear whole year!

but Im just associate!
I have uniform for work so I don't need dress like this.
its damn cute! but nowhere to wear it.

I need casual clothes.

here comes changing room!

yap that I thought.

this tops outfits just feel like older ladies. its not my style at all!
I hate it.
and jeans pretty big.
It have damn a lot extra room.
and this jeans high waist its like a my mother's jeans.
my butt area is baggy and legs everywhere so big
nope nope nope I not gonna keep this jeans either!

this dress so roomy!

I don't think its size16. 
the studs cute but front shot is too weak...
I mean it looks like nite gown.
If I wear this with leather jacket would be cute!
but $129 for this dress???
naaaaaaaaa its too expensive to keep nite gown-ish dress

yap this dress is cute!!!
I liked it when I pull it out
I just don't like mark waist line...
but this belt is so thin so I think its okay to have it.

A-line skirt is my favorite to wear dress or skirt so I know its works well for my body shape.

but neckline...
I don't like it.
It need more open!

what you think about my box?
Im not gonna keep anything from this box either.
I feel like Dia&Co want send "whatever"
pinterest, requests don't care about.
they don't styling you! 
they just send you whatever clearance items.

its pretty sad to say
I was excited to try plus size clothes subscription service but 5months I had issue with them. so I don't think this company is good for me.
Well If you have "YouTube Channel" they gonna send you pretty good items? or they try listen you??? not for blogger or who dont have to talk about their company lol

servise, style, cost

I wanna say "F"

I got 5 boxes
and 3 boxes were fail
I don't keep anything...
I waisting $60 for sucky styling job...

thank you Dia&Co sent me this box!
It make easy decision to leaving you.

well still I keep eye on it.
If they start cool service or style I gonna re-start.

This is Last Dia&Co box .... until then

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