Friday, March 11, 2016

StitchFix March 2016 #8

Hello there!!!
lately I doing crazy busy...
I really thankful I have my job but Im soooo exhausted can't blogging...

I know this blog viewers waiting for the stitchfix or clothing unboxing blog so I keep do that.
well cosmetics boxes are pretty much same thing we gonna get so I just stop updating.

This month's stitchfix was late...
I felt wait my fix sooooooooo loooooooong!!!

I requested this month

"animal print scarf"

okay open my box!!!

aghhhhhhhhh looks like no animal print scarf :'((

Lysse Joylyn Ponte Legging

Black / XL / $78.00 

Hmmmmm its looks like yoga pants to me.
and this legging petty long, in picture I guess its seem okay but in person its very weird!


Look by M

light blue / $34.00 

I requested "animal print" I pined brown/pink leopard print. Hmmmmm colors and print thats not looking for right now. 

its very thin, soft fluffy scarf.
good for summer!


Market & Spruce
Sam Hi - Lo Short Sleeve Tee

light Grey / XL / $44.00 

I like Grey Tee!
I thought I was gonna get this tee.
but its soooooooo thin fabric!
If I gonna wear Tee I don't want wear underneath!

maybe this fabric???
this tee so sticking to body!
thats very annoying me.


Collective Concepts
Rover Zip Back Racerback Blouse 

Black / XL / $58.00 

this is cute blouse!
but its sooo small for me.
I need more space chest area and arm hole.

very cute back though!

sadly returned

Blank NYC
Dario real suede Moto Jacket

Black / XL / $198.00 

Holy ****!!!
this jacket crazy Heavy!!!
its Heavier then my purse! its crazy!!!

not only weights
its too small!!!
can't close this jacket lol
well I know I am plus size but this is crazily tight lol
can't move at all.

I love moto jacket but I hate heavy Jacket. 

yap I did returned this jacket also.

what's I keep?
Non of it. I did everything returned this month's fix.

Hmmmmm this is kinda crazy its not my favorite stylist's work...
yap! this month's stylist is


my fav stylist on leave this month so he did my fix...
aghhhhhh he dosent know my body.... sad sad sad

oh well lets see next fix!

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