Monday, November 30, 2015

Dia&Co November 2015 Box #3 new stylist!

I got Dia&Co Box just now...
last month was crazy disappoint box.
annnnnnnd peek peek my lovely shiba-inus :-D
and here is peek in my box
what do you think???

I have Nooooo and Yeeees!
I think different stylist did this job.

first layer must be scarf!
aghhhhhhhh why they send me such a agree scarf :-(

green, navy and blue sweater???

the last one leather looking something.... jacket? skirt???

Multi Color Knit Infinity Scarf - 

Multi / $30

I thought so lol
its a scarf... snood.
but the color.... sigh...

I can make it!
thats I thought lol
anyway, If I doing double lap same colors are next each other...
and $30. nope! I don't like it! I am not gonna keep this item.

Brave Soul 

Relaxed Knit Jumper - $44.79

Olive, 16

toooooo short!!!!!
but its good to do layering with shirts!!!

If layer with shirts this shortness gonna be cute? but its pretty wide...

what you guys think about this sweater???

its like $45....
Okay I decided! 
I am not going to keep this sweater neither!

Brave Soul

Ribbed Sweater - $55.00

Navy, 16

its okay sweater thats I thought.

but after I wore this sweater I don't like it...

well the side cut keep pop out and this sweater has very crappy sewing job. thats not cool...
well very easy to decide for this sweater...

It not gonna be a keeper...


Slouchy Oversized Sweater - $48.99

Dark Blue, 0X

Ohhhh its cute sweater! I like it! its like a penguin lol

but that shape helps my body shape a lot! I wear with Jegging.

Yes! I like it!!! it gonna be good with my new boots also :-) I think I gonna keep this sweater!


Motorcycle Jacket - $124.00

Black, 1X

the last item was a Jacket!!!
its so edgy! I love it :-)

its soo soft faux leather jacket.
I tried on zipped still comfortable to move so I think its great to keep...
but this jacket has no pockets! these 4 zippers are actually faux pockets!!!
Ohhhhh nooooo I love pockets :-(
$124 jacket has no pockets..... what you guys think?
when I wear it I keep searching pockets...
I don't know what should I do?!?!

this month's Stylist is Megan

I did you tube search about plus size fashion I found her than I learned about Dia&Co
Now she works at Dia&Co which is cool!!!

anyway, this month's box was I felt stylist doing her job.
checking my pinterest, my style and messages.
not like just put items in the box last month.
well, I like 2 things in this box.
but Still I can't decide the jacket...

Oh Dia&Co stopped Tag advise and calling service month ago?
and this month they stopped hand writing advice lol
and invoice is like a cheep copy paper...
I know this company is very young baby company but they are appetizing "fashion" why they can't be fashionable?


  1. keep the jacket, it looks great on you

    1. Thank you the comment♪ Now I decide I gonna keep the Jacket :-D