Thursday, November 12, 2015

BirchBox November 2015 #3

 I got 3rd BirchBox Yesterday!
look at that! what a nice box! its so gorgeous!
blue&green and dark brown rose and leave print on it! its so cute! love this box!!!

here is inside the box
looks like a lot of big samplers in here! woo woo :-)


Perk Up Dry Shampoo - 5.3 oz


I have straight and fine hair so fast to get oily hair but I never use dry shampoo before because I do taking shower and wash my hair everyday so I don't need to use it. I don't wanna buy it that is my big reason why I never try this kind of product lol but I seeing a lot ppl using for the voluming hair.  Sooooo excite to try this product!

I already use twice this product so I should review about it :)

I did use after Gym its so sweat hair! after towel dry I spray to hair roots.
OMG!!! its soooooooo smells good!!!
I love this smell! this smell sooooooo refreshing!
after spray all over my hair I did massage my skull.
feels little powdery but it goes away pretty quick also.
the powder absorb oil.
pretty amazing!

and when I woke up this morning, I wanted grocery shopping so I did try out this dry shampoo! again, first little powdery feeling but its goes away and smell is amazing! well I though I gonna get more volume but its not really helping for voluming hair.

so I decide this sample keep in my Gym bag!

  • Davines This Is a Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid


    I always wanted moisturizing for my hair and I looking for milk or cream  type! this product is perfect! Smell is really good! I do blow-dry everyday so I really need good heat protecter for my hair.
    now I do curl my hair a lot... 
    so I very excite to use this! I use few times already but I am not nothing that much difference. Hmmmmmm is it works? well quite great size for sample so maybe I can testing few weeks and I can decide to going to buy or not! maybe I don't use right amount? 

    LOC One & Done Shadow - Nite Owl

    Full size $25.00

    this LOC brand is BirchBox's new brand.
    I really don't like this crayon type eye shadow. but I do like this shade! I got Nite Owl which is Dark purple-ish plum color. I have blight brown hair and brown eyes and medium skin. this shade really good on my skin and eyes. I do edgy style outfit and this shade helps great! love it!
    this shadow sticking eyes crazy long time! its no joke "waterproof" love it!
    again I don't like crayon type shadow...because of hard to target on my lid lol

    theBalm® cosmetics Balm Desert® Bronzer/Blush


    when I seeing this classic theme package I falling love! I seeing this brand sephora but I never get it lol
    most Bronzer too dark for me but this Bronzer is little peach color brown great on my cheeks! this shade working great for me! great for everyday make-up!
    but this sample size is waaaaaaaaay small lol
    it kind of hard to apply lol but I thinking if runs out sample I gonna buy this product.

    Overall this month's BirchBox is awesome box for me!
    The Box is soooooooo gorgeous rose box! which is I love it!
    and inside the box I love everything!
    defiantly I use everyday (well already I used mask so I don't have it anymore lol)
    this box is really good sample to have it!
    you want try something but I don't want buy it...
    its really works BirchBox! love it!!!
       5cstars, based on 3,287Re$14.50

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