Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stitch Fix Box Nov 2015 #3

Yeah Stitch Fix time!!!

this month's stylist is Christina again :-)
I love she styling my Fix!!! She knows whats I want and I love her taste!
Thank you Christina♪

I requested


Black Skinny or straight Jeans

Army Green Jacket

cardigan (not Kimono style)

okay here is my box...

Market &Spruce
Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan
XL / Black 

when I put out from Box I really loved it!!!

I like the color, style

I did say Hmmmmmmmmmm
after I try it on.
its really cool looking which is I love it!
but its kinda hard to zipped or unzipped.
I couldn't decide this cardigan so I asked my husband How do I look???
he said "Hmmmmmmmm"  lol
he said something I thought so I checked the price to decide...
 Verdict: Return

Tarnow Sweater Sleeve Cargo Jacket
XL / Olive 

when I sew this olive color you can't guess How I excited lol
than I put out the box little bit calm down lol

why its not all army green fabric???

that I thought.

actually it's Cute :-)
do I love it? Hmmm nope...
but this is my husband's favorite item.

If I don't tied west line boxy jacket so its make cool jacket but If tied west line I can wear cute. thats plus!

If this jacket have side pocket (is that call???)
would be great...

well I don't feel cargo jacket, its like a cargo vest.

Verdict: Return

Laila Jayde
Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top

XL / Grey 

I really Love this top :-)

I love this Grey
I love this fabric!!! So soft, So So comfy top.

I love this V-neck line.
Its perfect for me!!!

but I just bought very similar shirt :-/

Verdict: Return

Collin Straight Leg Jean
16P / Dark Grey 

I requested Black Jeans then I got dark grey. 
But I love it!
Stitch Fix announce up to size 14.
but I put my size to style profile I can wear really good stretch 14 size or XL size but I usually buying size16 than Stitch Fix sent size16P How Nice!!!

this jeans great stretch! very comfortable!
I wore this jeans above pictures.
I really love it!

Verdict: Keep!!!

Briton Ivy
Sylvester Split Neck Blous
XL / Purple 
I really Love this purple!!!
this color is sooooooooo me!
I think its good on my skin color also!
OMG I love it!
its kinda sheer blouse.
If I get this blouse summer I definitely I KEEP!
I living short summer looooooooooong winter states. so I know I can't wear this blouse till next year.
I wish this is not sheer blouse then sweater... :-/
I really Love this color!!!

Verdict: Return

Stylist name Christina

I like them a lot! thank you Christina! I would request next month stylist again!
I really Love StitchFix!
If you interested you should try!!!
StitchFix For Plus size

and please check What's I suggestion to StitchFix for next Month.
here is my Pinterest for my StitchFix

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