Thursday, December 24, 2015

StitchFix December(2) 2015 #5

Yes Stitch Fix AGAIN!
I changed schedule 2 or 3 weeks now.
so I got second stitch Fix Box this month! yes!!!

peek peek :-)
Grey!!! yes! Yes YES!!!
and jeans and T-shirts, is it scarf?
okay let me open StitchFix!

Callaway Faux Suede Knit Top

Dark Grey / XL / $64.00

This is soooooooo Cute and cool!!!
front is faux suede but back is like a sheer mesh?
Its so cute and cool! I like it!
this shirt is so comfortable also!
I love this Grey color

this is sooo me!
but I can't wear this top till next summer... what should I do?!?!

Timera Side Zipper Pullover Sweater

Navy / XL / $78.00

this sweater have zipper both side.
my husband liked it!
but I don't really like rib knit sweater(is that call this kind of knit style???)
and I found crappy taylor job at wrist area...
$78 sweater should be perfect!
so I think this is going back!

Milla Crew Neck Knit Top

Dark Grey / XL / $58.00

super cute!!!
but I showed to my husband he said
"its so Jail clothes!"
Oh No baby!!! don't said that!
now It looks like t :-s

but this top super soft and suuuuuuper comfortable! I want to keep it!
... not sure thought

Dayna Skinny Jean

Navy / 14P / $88.00

Yes! skinny Jeans!!!
I love skinny jeans especially winter!
love wearing with boots!
this jean is so stretch! so comfortable and pretty thick jean so good for winter I think...

this jean not fit right.
I think not skinny enough?
around knee area feels too big.
its like straight jean...
I wore this jean above it.

Tawney Knit Jacket

Dark Grey / XL / $58.00

I DO FALLING LOVE this Jacket!!!
its sooooo cute and cool! love it!
color and style everything love it!
well it said jacket but its kind of cardigan to me. 
before I checked the price I already decide no matter how much is I gonna have this Jacket

this jacket is  #1 favorite in this box!


I thought I gonna keep whole items...
but I fond the sweater has crappy taylor job and jean is not skinny enough around knee.
I love the tops! but hubby said jail clothes and other one is defiantly can't wear till next summer like July or August. so I love it but I should do pass them.
If It meant to be have one might re-request and get next summer! (can I do that???)
Okay I decide!!! I gonna keep only Jacket! 
but I am very satisfied #5 stitchFix Box!

Oh, here is my stylist name .... Christina

Yes! I love her taste!
I do enjoy her fix Every box! thank you Christina!

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