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Dia & Co Box Oct 2015 #2 Huge disappointed!

Dia & Co...
Finally I got Dia&Co Box.
it take like almost 8week!!! I got last box is early September and this month's box is very end of October. I thought they forgot my fix or very hard to work on my box...

this month's box is huge fail box...
I am very very disappointed...

well before I gonna show you this box I tell you guys what I requested this month.

-Edgy style-

-Faux lettre Jacket-


-black skinny jeans-

-mark "avoid short or sleeveless"-

-No polyester material, 
wellcome to Cotton, T-shirt jersey or knit material- 

and I do update my Pinterst for them its all I image my edgy style.
(I already changed for new month)

okay ready to show what I got "edgy style" from Dia&Co

Modamix - Cowl Neck Chiffon Tank - $59.00

Scarlet, 1X

ahhhhh I marked "No short sleeve" "No sleeveless" I living cold area its already down to 30F next week gonna be like down to 25F thats reason why I did marked avoid it.
and I left message about it also.

And this tank material is very light polyester fabric lol

ohhhh noooooo Dia and co.
this tank got already 2 strikes.
well I did try it on and what I gonna feel about this top.

Style&Co - Knit Jeggings - $59.00

Dark Wash, 16W

I wanted black skinny jeans so I really hoping this jeggings work for me.
light weight knit leggings so I don't think I can wear now to winter.
good for summer Jeggings

it looks not slim enough...
If work it I wanna keep it.

 I wore tank with jeggings!

really??? its so weird!!!
fron is very very long and back is lower then front lol
I know high and low design tops but I never see low and high top...
its just weird!
I liked the blight red color just about it.
its not "edgy" for me, wrong design, wrong material. the tank got 3 strikes out! I not gonna get this top for sure. 
Jeggings... ahhhh its okay I think. I like the length but I want more skinny fit Jeggings especially Winter. because of I wanna wear with boots.
this is not work for me...
so this Jeggings is pass also...

KIYONNA - Drawstring Cardigan - $58.00

Navy, 1X

I like KIYONA. but is this edgy for you?
well I don't feel this cardigan is edgy for me...

I don't like tied from under bust
like empire style...
no no no

okay this cardigan is 3/4 sleeve I like it
good for layer
I like the color

but I really don't think this is edgy style at all!

then I wore it.
sorry for the lightning :(

anyway, ya....
I don't like the tied under bust clothes.

it just wrong...
it going back also...

Junarose - Open Front Duster Cardigan - $69.00

Black, 1X

this cardigan is way bigger!
I don't think its 1x size.

color, material, long cardigan
Love it!!!

but its huge!!!

bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha lmao!

yap its huge!
feel like little kids wearing farther's coat lol

I really sad
If fit right I wanna keep it.... maybe :-)

and Its really hard to layer on this cardigan I think.
what I can wear over this cardigan...

this cardigan also going back...

last item is...

Deer Print Scarf - $22.00


Dia and Co...
are you kidding me???
is this "edgy" for you?

Dia and co...
I wanted you styling me "edgy"
you want wear this scarf?

oh com'on...

well light weight material its so soft
I like it. but Deer?
Oh don't get me wrong I like animal print but like leopard, zebra that kinda prints... but this??? sigh...

well let me find something I like that scarf...

nice length I like that
nice and soft material I like that also
I guess thats it.
I hate the color. if I wear color I want more blight color!
I don't like the print. I Hate it!!!

ohhhhh yea defiantly going back.

Stylist name is Laura


this box is huge failure...
Huge disappointed box ever!
well super late to get box this month.
nothing match the style I requested.
I think they stop tag advice???
I don't get any stylist advice for each items.
I claim for this box, because of I don't think my stylist not watching my pinterest, massage, and style profile. and just they care about youtuber???

they answer very quick. thats positive.

the answer is

Our service has changed slightly since those Youtube videos were filmed. We no longer use styling tags on the garments and the styling call is an opt-in feature. You must request a styling call and we will arrange one. For more information feel free to check out our FAQ page!

ahhhhh yea I checked FAQ and send the claim thank you Kait!
dont gimme attitude back!
the customer service is not good I really think...
so now only post card advice.
not like a Stitch Fix styling card either.
they don't upgrade at all! they actually downgrade it! thats kinda crazy.

It does appear that you selected that you like to show off your arms so, you can update your style profile to make sure our stylists know your likes and dislikes as your style evolves.

oh its my fault? Yes I love showing off my arm but 
I DID NOT SELECTED at my box Short sleeve and Sleeveless.
my box is request of month right???

my box and customer service everything fail...

I order next month box again.
I really hoping my stylist get my style...
or I can have awesome stylist.

please peek of my piterest for next month's box
I do keep update for next month's box.
Pinterest for Dia&Co

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