Wednesday, April 6, 2016

StitchFix April 2016 #9

Wow Its already StitchFix Time?!
Time goes crazy fast!!!!!

I requested

"Animal Print Scarf and something good with Denim Jacket but not stripes"

here is the fix bundle

I can see tan and brown! must be my skirt :-))


Coral / $28.00

aghhhhhhhhh this pink...
I don't like this shade at all.
this color dosent good on my skin tone.

I forgot to take wearing photo.

well, $28...
If I gonna buy this only $8 more pay...
but I don't think I gonna wear this.
so I gonna return this scarf.

Collective Concepts
Amis Lace Detail Top

White / XL / $58.00

I Love this top!!!
like babydoll-ish top.
but I already know it not gonna fit my chest...

Yes! I am right.
the switching area... super tight.

I love this style but can't wear it.
sadly returen.

Laila Jayde
Darnell Suede Button Back Knit Tank Top

Black / XL / $54.00

this is super cute back look!
this top pretty stretchy top  and comfortable  to wear it!

I don't have confidence of my bubbles...
and if you look from front, its pretty boring top lol

Hmmm I thinking little while but it gonna return.

Indy cropped Skinny Cargo Jean

Olive / 14 / $88.00

I like this but I already have similar jean...

and back pants pocket are Faux Pockets!
I need back pockets for little cover my butt and have to have cell phone holder pocket :(

well I already have similar pant and If I pay $88 I can get real pocket pants also.
so I gonna return this jean.

Kolten Denim Jacket

Navy / XL / $98.00

this jacket has crazy smell and sooo blue.
its like a grandma's denim jacket.
I don't like it!

I already have blue denim Jacket and mine's way more cuter lol

this jacket is sooooo lame...


This month's stylist is

thank you Bonnie I feel you working pretty good job
I liked 3 things but unfortunately can't fit right so has to go back...

last month I return everything.
same as this month.
I returned everything.
just waisting $20 2 months roll

so I decide to stop this subscription.
so this is the last post in this blog.
thank you for visiting my blog until I can start new subscription.

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