Wednesday, January 13, 2016

StitchFix January 2016 #6

My Favorite Box StitchFix time!
really excite to try these on :-)
wooooo polkadot! I never get polkadot in my box.
and all my favorite colors! YES YES YES
okay let me try them on!!!


Gideon Polka Dot Sweater

XL / Off White / $68.00

I sew this sweater on pinterest.
I thought Its cute but Im not sure my body shape and this polkadot works???

I like it! but not love it :-s
but this black base white dot I like more!!!
its pretty tough think keep or not!

this sweater is not reversible so I couldn't wear black base lol


I decide...

I gonna return this sweater.


Cancun Cowl Neck Pullover Sweater 

XL / GREY / $68.00

this sweater seems like huge!
I can imagine easily this sweater with skinny jeans or leggings.

yes. this sweater soooooooo roomy!
its like one more me can fit lol

very over size sweater. well I really like baggy clothes but this sweater is not comfatble. too baggy for me and little itchy feel...

so I'm not gonna keep this sweater.


Freida Skinny Jean

14 / NAVY / $98.00

awwwww If this jeans color is Black so perfect!
almost black Navy color.
well I think I can wear this color.
but not my favorite...

that's I thought till I wear this jeans...
OMG this jeans soooooo comfortable!
I wore this jeans above pictures.
It skinny enough and fits great, stretch crazy
so so sooooooo comfatbale!
I already decided before check the price!
but when I found out this jeans price is $98 I thinking Am I sure about pay this much money??? but I love this jeans! what should I do?!
...... I should ask my stylist same jeans but black color...
ya I think thats da best decision!
I gonna return this jeans but I will ask different color!


Geraldine Faux Wrap Dress 

XL / RED / $68.00

I looooooove this color!!!
it said Red but it look like Hot pink with Navy
Love this pop color!

but I don't think I wear this dress...
I never wear this thin layer dress especially Wrap dress.
I living strong wind states lol
I don't want flash neither lol

absolutely love this colors!
YES! My stylist knows me well!!!
but unfortunately this dress not work for my body shape.
I am pretty sad to send this back!
but we can see How round my tummy and back fat lol
yeah I can't wear this dress and going out.
If this dress material is more thicker might have different look! but Its sooooooooooo my colors though lol

Market & Spruce

Wallsend Knit Blazer

XL / Black / $68.00

Oh this is different!
this jacket feel like a jersey Sweat!
I like it! 
I can see wearing this Up or Down!
I really like it! My stylist said wear it unbuttoned! Oops I didn't know she wrote that advice because I usually I don't read price or stylist card before I try it on everything! I wanna excite and want have honest opinion about it :D I thought unbutton look match better anyway! Im glad my stylist said something lol

okay dress and this jacket awesomely CUTE!!!
Love it!!!I defiantly keep this jacket!


Love this month's Box!
I always request to stylist. but this month I don't do any requests.
my stylist want me try preppy style which is I like it also!
I really Like my Stylist!

her name is Christina
Hi Christina! I really enjoy your style!

I already decide keep a jacket but what you think about dress or dot sweater???
what is your favorite clothes in my box???

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