Thursday, August 20, 2015

little bit about me

Hello this is Liz wrote. I'm from Japan. I came here US 2014 summer so its been a 1year.
I started this blog for unboxing!
I think I gonna start few clothing subscribe boxes and makeup.
I'm Japanese so I thinking I gonna write this blog in Japanese.
well I am not comfortable to writing my crazy broken English
so I put translator gadget on side bar→.
If you need translator to your language pls use it :-)

anyway here is little bit about me.
I born and grew up tropical island of Japan so I have pretty good tan skin, it never go away sigh.
I am 40 years old. well I really enjoy my life so I don't care about my age as well :-D
I wearing size16,  XL to 1X, sometimes goes 2X. I have apple shape body, but I have pretty wide shoulder like a swimmer! so I think apple shape and rectangle shape mix.
I love casual clothing.  almost never dress up so If something happen or have dress up party I have to shopping for it lol

I am not makeup person especially after moved to here.
I used to doing makeup everyday in Japan, because of I had doing Hula perform at Japan. but now I live farmer village. absolutely nothing around here so I did little bit lazy to do makeup. but I know I should do!!!
well I am like beginner make up skils. I don't know how to do makeup. thats my problem also. and again,  I love casual style so If I do makeup its too much make up for my clothing style. well I should learn Haw to dress down make up! not to show makeup :-p

well I think enough to talk about me??? If you have some question please leave a comment.

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