Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GlossyBox Jan 2016 #5

WOW I feel like I didn't post blog  long time!
I changed my work shift so do hard to making my free time right now.
but I still enjoying unboxing! here is my Glossy Box Jan 2016!

I want introduce all items but I lost info card! Nooooooooooo :'(
so I just given box picture this time...

I am very enjoying Diamond Heart Base primer!
its so illuminate! love it!!!

the Lip stick is kind of okay but I am pretty sure its awesome to wear SUMMER!

the hand cream and foot cream also Okay items.
but I love skin care items so both are using every 4hrs!!!

the shampoo
I don't use yet so I can't tell you about it but it so smells good!

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