Thursday, December 3, 2015

Outfit Of The Day (Dia&Co)

Few days ago I did post about
"Dia&Co November 2015 Box #3 new stylist!"
and after I saw the comment from allthingsheart I decided I DO KEEP THIS GIRL!
thank you allthingsheart! feel like I have friend somewhere faraway from here! that feeling was awesome!

anyway, I living pretty cold weather area.
its 30F - 21F around today lol yes pretty chill here lol
I grew up tropical island so I need keep warm! but you know what???
I live here 1 year I already get use to this weather lol
probably I can't go back my home in summer Tooooooo Hot! I gonna melt lol

anyway, I will show you Today's Outfit with the

MotorCycle Jacket $124

here is my look
How do I look :-)

Yes I still searching pockets!!!
especially here weather is cold so I want put my hands warm lol


Jacket from Dia & Co

hoodie Jacket from eddie bauer

Knit Tee (black) from Ann Taylor

Jeans from ahhhhh I don't remember lol

Boots from Torrid

I put my red lipstick on :-)

this is my look today :-)
Yes I do lots of layer! well have to here lol
end of this month this outfit + Downcoat and changing boots!
it sounds crazy right??? but still not warm enough lol

but I can't enjoy like this outfit in my hometown remember too hot there
If I wearing boots whole body start sweat like a water fall lol

allthingsheart  thank you again :-)

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