Thursday, November 19, 2015

BoxyCharm November 2015 #3

Here is my BoxyCharm
I got a eye Serum! Im so excite about it!!!

Leave-in- treatment
Full Size $19.95

I just got coolway product from ipsy bag(Nov). I already talk about this brand's package...
I said soon cheesy package... yea I don't like this package at all. 
anyway I talked about I wanted cream or milk type but this product dosen't do protect heat? just hydrate treatment I guess...
smells good it :-)
defiantly I gonna use this product. just wishing changing package...

Studio makeup
softblend blush sahara sbb-02
Full Size $17.00

I Like this Color!!!
its so natural on my cheeks!
its creamy and when I put on my cheeks feel little turn on powdery its great!
I thought its pretty dark for my skin but its not! its so perfect on my cheeks! love it!!!

luxie rose gold
concealer eye brash
Full Size $12.00

this is first brush from subscription box.
Thank you thank you thank you!
I love brush!!!
and I was thinking get new brush for next year. annnnnnnnnnd I get new concealer eye brush. but I don't use this brush for concealer. I use this brush for my eyeshadow :-)
Oh my dear! this brush is easy to control and it have tip so making edge or cat eyeline everything okay this brush lol

manna kadar's
liplocked priming gross satain
Full Size $24.00

Love this shade!!!
actually I already have very similar color gloss and lip sticks! still I glad to get this shade! I love it! I used this lip gloss today. its soon creamy and pretty long lasting. I loved it!

and I think this shade matching with sahara blush! 

Pur-lisse pure eye adore quadra benefit eye serum
Full Size $65.00

yes! another eye care product!!!
I already use this product ones. I liked it! I don't use morning. so I don't know its good with makeup? but I use for nite eye care. I loved it!
$65!!! wow BoxyCharm!!! thank you sending me this product!!!

overall I love this month's BoxyCharm
I don't get this month's Glossybox yet so I can't compare which is good?
but I love Boxycharm!

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